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Our History

M-N-M's Coffeehouse
Family Owned and Operated
(Michelle, Nicole, Melissa) 


The coffeehouse was purchased and opened on December 1st, 2006. The name M-N-M's reflects the partnership between Michelle and her daughters Nicole and Melissa. When Michelle and her daughters purchased the business, Michelle said she wasn’t afraid of the early mornings or long hours. She and her husband, Al, operate a dairy farm on North Madison St., so she is used to the hard work and dedication.

As for her daughters, they were born and raised in the town of Waunakee. Growing up on a farm taught them the importance of working hard and taking chances. 

Growing up, they saw the business background and were fascinated and driven by the achievements of one's own success, so when Melissa got her degree in business she wanted to follow those footsteps. The perfect opportunity came when Nicole, the oldest, moved back from Out East. The three reunited in the "only Waunakee in the world," and that’s where they put their unique skills together and found their niche in the coffee business!

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